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Depression Self-Assessment

Depression Self-Assessment

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Over the last two weeks, how often have you been bothered by any of the following problems?

1. Have you lost interest or pleasure in doing things?(Required)
2. Have you felt down, depressed, or hopeless?(Required)
3. Have you had trouble sleeping, either by not being able to fall asleep or staying asleep, or sleeping too much?(Required)
4. Have you been feeling tired or lacking in energy?(Required)
5. Have you had a decreased appetite or been overeating?(Required)
6. Have you felt bad about yourself, that you're a failure, or let yourself or others down?(Required)
7. Have you had difficulty concentrating on things, such as reading or watching TV?(Required)
8. Have you been moving or speaking slower than usual, or conversely, been more restless and fidgety than usual?(Required)
9. Have you had thoughts of self-harm or suicide?(Required)
10. Have you been feeling anxious or worried?(Required)
11. Have you been feeling irritable, agitated, or restless?(Required)
12. Have you had a decreased interest or pleasure in activities you used to enjoy?(Required)