Telemedicine Appointments

Talk to a BestMind provider from the comfort of home by scheduling a telemedicine appointment today.

What Is Telemedicine?

A telemedicine appointment takes place over our virtual video conferencing platform and allows you to connect with behavioral healthcare providers from anywhere with internet connection.

Telemedicine is more than just convenient – for some people, it’s the most effective way to manage their mental health on a regular basis. Telemedicine appointments are easy to fit into your afternoon lunch hour, Saturday morning at home, or at any other time that you and your provider have available.

Most major insurances offer coverage for telemedicine appointments.

How do Telemedicine Appointments Work?

BestMind offer a wide range of services through our telemedicine, or video conferencing, appointments.

After you book a telemedicine appointment and before your scheduled appointment time, you will receive an email containing a secure video conferencing link and password.

You will use this link and password to access a secure video conferencing session with your provider.

Telemedicine appointments are fully confidential, secure, and effective. Our technology keeps your personal information secure; before, during and after your telemedicine appointment.

Have more questions about telemedicine appointments?

Are telemedicine appointments covered by insurance?

Most insurance companies cover some form of telemedicine.

What services do you provide via telemedicine?

Our providers can evaluate and prescribe medications for patients with ADHD, Anxiety, OCD, Depression (including treatment-resistant depression and major depressive disorder), Bipolar Depression, and PTSD via telemedicine.

How long do telemedicine appointments last?
Telemedicine appointment lengths may vary based on your provider’s availability and the nature of your appointment. It is typically recommended that block an hour out of your schedule.


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