ADHD Testing

Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder in adults is under-treated and underdiagnosed.

Assessing adult ADHD is a complicated process, and no single clinical tool can give a complete picture of a person’s condition. For this reason, we have standardized a two-step process to optimize adult ADHD treatment and diagnosis.

How to Diagnose ADHD in Adults?

Effective treatment begins with an accurate diagnosis. Adult ADHD can be challenging to diagnose. ADHD frequently presents with co-occurring conditions such as anxiety and depression, which complicate the recognition, diagnosis, and management. Recent studies have found that nearly 80% of adults with ADHD are either undiagnosed or untreated.

QbTest: What to Expect

The QbTest is an essential part of the assessment process for ADHD. The computer-based test measures the ability to impulse control and maintain attention. The test is completed at a desk and takes about 15-20 minutes.

Meanwhile, an infrared camera tracks movement and activity during the test. The results are based on a performance comparison with data from other people of the same sex and age who do not have ADHD.

QbTest results in conjunction with other psychiatric evaluation tools to aid clinical judgment and build a personalized treatment plan.

The test equipment consists of an infrared camera, a headband with an infrared marker attached to it, a laptop, and a responder button.

How to Prepare for a QbTest

  • Try to ensure adequate sleep the night before the test.
  • Avoid excess caffeine on the day of the test.
  • If you are currently on ADHD medication, please ensure that you take the medication as directed.

Effective ADHD Diagnosis for Adults

Our team is committed to providing the best. That is why we source the latest technologies to support your treatment, starting with an accurate diagnosis. We provide a QbTest as a standard part of a comprehensive ADHD evaluation and treatment process. At BestMind Behavioral Health, we incorporate objective measures to help ensure the best possible treatment outcomes.

Have more questions about ADHD treatment?

What do the results look like?

The QbTest report is provided in a raw form intended for clinical review and interpretation. Click here to see a Sample of the results.

How will my provider use these results?

The QbTest provides objective insights into the presentation of your symptoms and building a personalized treatment plan. This test supports ruling in or ruling out an ADHD diagnosis in situations of ambiguity.

What are the benefits of a QbTest?

The objective data provides a platform for discussion and enhanced psychoeducation for adults with ADHD. The QbTest supports treatment strategies by improving the personalization of a treatment plan. Overall implementing an objective test allows for optimized treatment practices and improved treatment outcomes.


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