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We are grateful for the opportunity to work together with dedicated healthcare providers like you.

How do we work together?

  • consultation on diagnosis and medication management
  • continuity of care for patients needing alternative treatments for MDD/TRD (F33.2)

We begin with a free consultation

This serves to help inform the patient about the treatment process and review coverage. We will keep you informed and collaborate as needed to support patient success.

TMS Insurance Criteria

MDD/TRD diagnosis F33.2, Received evidence-based talk therapy, history of anti-depressant trial within the current episode.

Explore TMS Therapy if:

  • Antidepressant results are unsatisfactory.
  • Partial response to medication, yet not in remission
  • Medication side effects are intolerable.
  • Previous medication trials have been ineffective.

Through collaborative care we are able to focus on delivering exceptional mental health care and positively impacting our community.

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Our Mission

At BestMind Behavioral Health, our mission is to serve the mental health needs of our communities with a commitment to compassion and excellence in everything we do. We are dedicated to offering quality care that is easily accessible while providing innovative approaches to exceed patient expectations.



We believe that compassion is the cornerstone to effective mental health treatment. When you come to BestMind, you can expect to be treated with the highest level of compassion, empathy and respect.


When you come to BestMind, you can expect best-in-class care, every time. We infuse excellence into everything we do, from overall business practices to each individual patient interaction.


At BestMind, we offer traditional treatments as well as innovative therapies to relieve depression symptoms in patients whose medications aren’t providing the relief they need.

Your mental health matters.

Contact us to book an appointment and be evaluated for treatment.

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